Thursday, September 20, 2007

Exactly where have I been?

It's been nineteen days since I've last posted. Hmm, where have I been? School. Planning for school and meeting the parents and the students. Beginning the school year and getting the hang of the routine. Now, I've been teaching, grading, meeting, and planning more. When does it stop? June 17th that's when.

This is my thirteenth year of teaching. Hmm, that's like going from K-12, except more than half of those years were spent in fifth grade.

Today was a good day. We calmly enjoyed silent reading time. After reading through our writing notebooks, we picked the best line-the golden line- and published it. We discussed why that was the golden line, and we complimented each other on our talents. Now, I am working on a book of our Golden Lines. How exciting! The best part of today came when a student said to me, "I used to hate writing. I never knew that I was good at it. Now, I love it!"

Who could ask for anything more??

Now, I sit on the balcony and enjoy the breezy autumn evening with my trusted companion and friend, my mutt Leo. Best wishes for a day filled with compliments and calm!

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Erinn_Harris said...

Yay! I've been looking for your blog!!

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