Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ugh! I don't know where to start...let me warn any possible readers that this will be some serious verbal diarrhea...I am sitting alone in my classroom and it's hot and sweaty and I am MISERABLE. I feel like I don't want anyone around me...I feel like I am completely's like a panic attack. Dad's gone. Every one's moving on with life...right now I am FROZEN. If I could run out of this building right now I would. I just want to escape. People are annoying me. Just going about their daily business and I want to SCREAM look at me!!! I Hate this!!! (I'm not sure exactly what this is.) I am disappointed because colleagues are getting new jobs and interviews and I WANT TO LEAVE. This became crystal clear to me today.

I've outgrown this.

Well...eight minutes until the kids are back. Luckily I still like all of them!!!

Breathe...breathe....(just reminding myself)

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1981shamrock said...

sorry i wasn't there back then.

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