Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about control. Controlling my emotions, my eating, my exercise...who really has control? I took back control Thursday. Allowing myself to to make mistakes and be human...I feel happy. Happy that I am learning to love myself. Love who I am and what I can do. What a novel concept...I am regularly amazed at how I may still learn SIMPLE concepts. Exercise should be enjoyable and life affirming. Making a mistake is no reason to sabotage an entire day of hard work. Setting small goals will get me there. Appreciate people for who they are. Mostly I am learning to enjoy the journey.

Time to nap. (Learning to love those too.)

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teach people not books said...

i love it! letting go of guilt is #1 on my list on the pathway to control, whether it be guilt about what i ate, who i didn't get around to calling (or walking, in the dog's case), or guilt about not getting to the gym. guilt is too controlling to let it dominate my feelings, so i have to remind myself to let go of it every day.

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