Thursday, August 5, 2010

"If I Had Wings"

(Song by Darius Rucker)

Inspired by two fellow writer friends, I am back. I've missed writing here. Reading blogs is one of my favorite things to do...I notice that most of the blogs I read have a theme of some kind. Blogs about teaching, blogs about being an artist, blogs about reading, blogs about gratitude, blogs about TV shows...and I wonder what's my theme? No, I don't wonder. I know. There is no theme. The title of this blog lends itself to the theme of teaching. The problem with that is the "public-ness" of this kind of writing. Wanting this blog to be public...really public, so writing about teaching is limited. I guess the theme of this blog is ME.

Who am I? Ugh! Where do I begin? Thirty-eight years old. Single. Teacher. Homeowner. Friend. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Christian. All of these labels will probably be addressed here, for anyone interested enough to read. Right now, I am searching... I like the title of the post (Remember my random selection of songs to title each post?): "If I Had Wings". In the song, Darius Rucker asks all kinds of questions. Life questions. Here's some of the second verse:
"...why I am here, and where did I come from;
and where will I go when my time here on this earth is done,
and what will I leave that will go on forever?
Oh no, and what can I do while I'm here to make someone's life better?"
I'm asking lots of those questions right now, too. Searching for the answers.

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