Monday, August 25, 2008

Ch Ch Ch Change...

I made a decision to transfer schools this year. I've been at my previous school for almost ten years, but it became an unhealthy place for me professionally. Last spring, I interviewed and got the job. I shared the news with my colleagues and all was good. The reality has set in and it's harder than I thought it'd be.

Going back to work in August has always been very social for me. Catching up with old friends and checking in with each other. Commiserating, giggling, and hugging were integral parts of back to school. This year it's different. No one (practically) knows me. Being middle school, it's a different environment than the touchy-feely elementary teachers....I feel isolated. No one invites me to lunch. I've eaten alone three times in five days.

Of course, being single compounds this feeling of lonliness. When I get home, it's me and my dog. It won't always be like this. I know. It's hard. I've NEVER been a woman who's afraid to be alone. I understand that feeling for the first time.

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teach people not books said...

michelle, keep doing what you are doing. i know it can be isolating. but also try and reach out and see if there are one or two teachers you could sit with for lunch--pop in their rooms and ask where the regularly eat, and when.

i think when people are new, sometimes the teachers who have been at a school assume--mistakenly--that we are so busy, that we'd rather be left alone, that we'll come to them with a question or to initiate interaction.

your thoughts?

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