Monday, July 27, 2009

For a little while

OK...let me begin by explaining the title of my post. It's a song title. (This one is by Tim McGraw- one of my favorites!) My plan is to use the song that comes up on my iPod next (using the random shuffle). This will serve two purposes (maybe three...): one- I don't have to think of a clever title; two- you can learn some of my favorite music; and three- (perhaps my favorite reason why) I will think of a way to tie the song title (or lyrics) into my blog topic. Let's see how this works.

For a little while encompasses my philosophy of life. "It won't always feel like this." This is what my friend used to tell me. All things seem to be For a little while. Feelings of loss or hopelessness, or elation and perfection are transitory. That's ok. It's a constant I've come to depend on. Forever has never seemed real to me.

Yet, having admitted that, lately I see that forever does exist. It's all in perspective. Family is forever. Faith is forever. Friends (certain ones) are forever. Forever doesn't mean the same. Forever and same are NOT synonyms. That's what I need to remember. Friends may move, family members may die...but they will forever be a part of who I am and who I've become.

This leaves me to believe For a little while will last forever.

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