Monday, January 10, 2011

"Setting Up the Pins"

(Sara Groves)

Have you ever bought an album on iTunes and then not listened to buying a book from a bookstore that you just have to have and then it sits in your bookshelf indefinitely...never to be opened? Then have you ever been re-introduced to "said" music by fate?

I bought Sara Groves "Fireflies and Songs" awhile ago. It was recommended because I bought Steven Curtis Chapman's "Beauty Will Rise" (which is an amazing album). I never rely listened to it-until last night. I was reading a friend's blog and she posted a video of this song. I was hooked. Inspired. It's still running through my head and I'm hoping it will be enough to get me through a very busy week.


jess said...

Cool song. And video. Thanks for rediscovering and sharing!

1981shamrock said...

p.s I soooooooo wish i could do my laundry that fast.

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