Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

I think a mark of a day well-lived is a good night sleep. Sleep has not been coming easily for me lately, until last night. I slept peacefully until my alarm sang to me at five a.m. And what a feeling that is! Especially after a workout that wasn't so great. My plan was to run. I am following the couch to 5k program. After 11minutes, I got off the treadmill. I couldn't do anymore. Here's the good part....I didn't just leave I didn't give up. I built on my beginning, i persisted and rode the bike for twenty more minutes. I ended up riding/running/walking for 31 minutes and I rode/ran/walked for 4.8 miles. It wasn't what I planned. It wasn't what I set out to do. It wasn't perfect. It was exercise. It was healthy. It is done!

My lesson for yesterday, the one that kept showing up in different ways over and over again, was doesn't need to be perfect, but just keep going. This is exactly the reason why I love picking a word of the year! In my head I thought I knew where this would focus me, and already I am learning new, unexpected, and totally necessary lessons. It feels good!

Happy Thursday!

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