Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I did it!

I bought my first home...all by myself. Sitting here in my dining room I can hardly believe that I am here. The process of buying a home was overwhelming and exhausting! Luckily, I was surrounded by wonderful people from the man who showed me the home, to the loan officer, the bank tellers, even the builder...all treated me well and were very helpful. I know, from my friends, that's not always the case!

Back to real life today. Work. Clean out my old apartment, change the mail, and return the cable box. Yuck!!!

Time to walk the dog. Have a good day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thrusday Thirteen on Friday

Thirteen Books About Where I’m From

  1. Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McKloskey
  2. The House of Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  3. Poems of Emily Dickinson
  4. Mystic River by Dennis Lehane
  5. A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr
  6. Selling the Lite of Heaven by Suzanne Strempek Shea
  7. Among Schoolchlildren by Tracy Kidder
  8. The Inn at Lake Devine by Elinor Lipman
  9. The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve
  10. Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs
  11. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
  12. Walter the Baker by Eric Carle
  13. Faithful by Stephen King

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, Dad!

Good Morning...today is a day for reflection. Valentine's Day always revolved around boyfriends or secret admirers or the possibility of such romantic love. Not today. Today Valentine's Day is a day of to remember. My Dad. Last year on Valentine's Day, he called me (as he always did). Ever since I was a little girl, I was his valentine. He'd send me goofy cards when I was away at college, or flowers sometimes. He always remembered. Today, I remember him. Today was the last day that I spoke with him before he died. I can't believe it's been a year. I've already survived Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and my sister's wedding without him. I'll get through this, too. But, I want to make sure and stop today and say:

"Happy Valentine's Day, Dad! I love you this much!"

Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins


1. Once I was hopeless, scared, and unsure...until I took the first step.
2. Laying in bed, slurping chicken soup, and sleeping all day is being sick.
3. Today at work I will have a day of while at work.
4. What's blogging all about?
5. If I make a mistake I cringe, hide, and then desperately work to fix it.
6. When I woke up this morning, I thought SNOW DAY?!?!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to jewelry party, tomorrow my plans include BUNCO and Sunday, I want to sleep!!!!

Musings and thoughts...