Saturday, September 1, 2007

Six Months

Six months ago today my dad died.

His name was Charles, but he went by Chris. He was tall and had a personality that filled the whole room. In September he got sick, aneurysm in his heart. He survived fourteen hours of surgery and endured months of painful recovery. Through it all, he looked for meaning. He became introspective and thoughtful. I got to spend two weeks with him at Christmas. He read me 'Twas the Night before Christmas one last time. We watched an old western on tv, and we talked and talked and talked.

On February 28, he was eating ice cream. His wife left him for a moment to let the dog out. When she returned, he was unconscious with a dribble of ice cream down his chin. He hung on until my sister and I arrived. Then he was gone.

I miss him everyday. I love him very much.

So Dad, for you today...the Dairy Queen's on me.



Hans Feldmeier ADMIN said...

Hi Michelle, sorry for you dad!!! My son Bernd died in a car-accident one year before. I can understand you very good.

1981shamrock said...

Your dad is so proud of you Michelle.

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