Monday, January 3, 2011

The Girl I Mean to Be

(from The Secret Garden soundtrack)

Ok...I'm back! Loving being back here. It's Monday morning and the first day back to school after an interesting winter break. I see all of my teacher friends dreading the return...and while i understand, i don't really feel the same way. Going back to school makes me happy. Seeing my friends, and the kids, and even getting back to work. I'm great at beginnings, maybe that's why I like these days. It's the follow through that I sometimes struggle with...but I will work on building
on beginnings.

Happy Monday to you!

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1981shamrock said...

I dreaded going back but when I opened my classroom door, I felt a lot of pride and happiness flood me.
It quickly went downhill but whatever...haha. I love my career.

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